130608 Shindong Ryeowook Henry Sukira(KTR)

One of the SJ managers was feeling sick today so he went home early :(

RW: Kyuhyun-ssi really likes 고속도로 로망스, so whenever I hear this song, I can only think of him.

Henry: Hello! It’s Henry~
Shindong: Why do you suddenly pretend you can’t speak Korean well? ㅋㅋㅋ

Shindong said he gained a lot of weight and needs to lose some D:

RW said he watched Henry’s performance yesterday, today, and also watched the MV. He said Henry looked really cool

SD: You lost so much weight
Henry: Should I gain some again..?
SD: Yes // YESSS Henry D:

RW: Kyuhyun-ssi, I think, takes care of Henry-ssi the best. Even working w/ him in this album.

RW: I was sad because…. The chance to participate in Henry’s album didn’t even come to me.
Henry: Next time!
SD: Did you choose Kyuhyun yourself?
Henry: No, the company told me about it, and I said thanks.
SD: Kyuhyun-ssi makes fun of you though
RW: Kyuhyun-ssi does
Henry: he does.
RW: I think Kangin-ssi is taking care of you the best these days
Henry: Yes he is
SD: He even went yesterday right?
Henry: Yes, with Eunhyuk-ssi
RW: Did you go yet, SD-ssi?
SD: No, I’m going with Ryeowook-ssi tomorrow
Henry: Oh?
RW: yes, we’re going to see EXO
Henry: OH
SD: And B1A4
Henry: oh okay B1A4
RW: Just kidding ㅋㅋ

Henry had to record Trap 22 times, because there was an English version and Korean version. Kor ver lyrics kept changing. They also recorded Chinese version several times. Then Henry had to record with Kyuhyun/Taem

SD: Earlier, we talked on the chat room, saying we’re going to see Henry tomorrow. And Kyuhyun said “I’m not there tomorrow” We said “It’s okay, we’re not going for you.”
Henry: I thought you were going for B1A4?
SD: No~~ VIXX ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
RW: I’m going for Sandeul~ ㅋㅋ Just kidding

Henry thinks mothers really like him, and he’s not sure if students like him ㅋㅋ

Henry: 1-4-3 is about myself. I was unable to speak Korean well when I first came

RW: Oh I think I know who the girl was then

SD: Oh~ ___ -ee?
Henry: ai no~

Henry is playing the piano~ he suddenly got the feel to sing ㅋㅋ Henry singing Trap live while playing the piano ㅠㅠ♥

SD: I’m trapped, trapped~ is it “trapped” or “trap”? Henry: no “trapped” “i’m trapped”.

Fan asked for acoustic ver. SD said Henry should sing it somewhere and make an album. Henry said he wants to do that sometime in future

SD: There are hard lyrics in the middle. do you know what they mean?
Henry: KH-ssi taught me everything while we were on the airplane

Ryeowook and Shindong will be doing a competition for ‘Real hyung’ spot ㅋㅋ Shindong said he doesn’t know about Henry well. Ryeowook asked when is Henry’s b-day, and Shindong didn’t know ㅋㅋ Henry thinks Ryeowook will win ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Henry: when is my birthday?
RW: 10/23
Henry: wrong
RW: 10/17!
Henry: wrong
RW: 10/18!
Henry: wrong!
SD: Can he do it that many times?

Henry: Where was my home in Canada?
Shindong: Toronto~~

Henry: what is my brother’s name?
RW: Clinton!!
Henry: ding dong deng~
SD: Wait that’s wrong. It’s Clinton Lau!

Henry: what is my phone number’s last digit?
SD: 3?
Henry: wrong
RW: 4!
Henry: wrong
SD: 2!
Henry: Wrong
RW: 9!
Henry: wrong
SD: 1!
Henry: wrong
RW: 6!
Henry: ding dong deng~

Henry: my favorite actress
RW: Jun Ji hyun!
Henry: ding dong deng~

Henry: when did I meet my first love?
RW: can i even say her name? ㅋㅋㅋ
Answer was 14 ㅋㅋ they kept trying numbers ㅋㅋ

Henry: SJ member that I am most awkward with!
Henry: wrong ㅋㅋ
RW: Yesung..?
Henry: ding dong deng
RW: ㅋㅋㅋ
Henry: Yesung hyung, I love you ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ryeowook keeps laughing since he said “Yesung” for the last question’s answer ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

They are doing speed quiz now. RW/SD asks questions and Henry answers. Ryeowook lost round two, now he’s having problems pronouncing words ㅋㅋㅋ

SD: mom or dad?
RW: Mo-…. ㅋㅋ

RW: Most handsome SJ member, Siwon/Donghae
Henry: D-d-d-d…
SD: Siwon!!

In the end, Ryeowook won round 3 and got 5 points. Ryeowook won the battle for “real hyung” spot ㅋㅋShindong will have a punishment ㅋㅋ Punishment is to buy Henry a meal. Henry wants to eat an expensive meal, that’d cost 300,000 won (~300US$) for 2 people’s servingㅋㅋ Shindong will buy a meal for Ryeowook too. They’ll go eat together and upload a picture of the receipt later ㅋㅋ

Today’s 로꾸거 음악여행 topic is “memory about first love”.
SD: What memory do u have of ur 1st love, Henry-ssi?
Henry: me? Breaking up…

PDs keep telling Shindong to tone down ㅋㅋ // SSTP and Sukira DJing style is very different ㅋㅋ

Sukira quiz. Add up Ryeowook, Henry, Shindong’s age when they were “first in love”. Number is in between 40~55

SJ received invitation to Baek Ji Young’s wedding but they were unable to go because of schedules overseas.

RW: Yesung-ssi always copies that tone “맞쬬~” from the movie ㅋㅋㅋ

They mentioned Tablo.
RW: The one Eunhyuk-ssi looks alike ㅋㅋ

Henry, Ryeowook, and Shindong are singing some parts of the songs that fans are sending in w/ messages. Henry doesn’t know several old songs Ryeowook and Shindong are talking about ㅋㅋ

Sukira Quiz 2. Out of the 4 songs they played, you have to find a song w/o “first love” in the title For 4th song, they played First Love – Donghae, but Dong/Wook didn’t know and said they should promote the song ㅋㅋ

Fan: don’t you have to go to SSTP soon?
SD: It’s okay, first 30 minutes is recorded. ㅋㅋ

Henry was zoning out so when Ryeowook told him to announce the answer, henry was like “answer is~ answer is… answer is….”ㅋㅋ

Henry didn’t hear he has to do a live today, and heard about it 30 minutes before Sukira. Henry said he’ll have to wake up and head out at 5 AM tomorrow for schedules D:

Henry : I heard Koreans like Eric Benet…
Shindong: Yes, we like Eric-ssi (ShinHwa)
Henry will sing Eric Benet’s Still With You

Shindong and Ryeowook are requesting Henry to sing another song. Henry is playing Cho Yong Pil’s Bounce +_+♥
RW: how about Jason Mraz?
SD: how about Justin Beiber?
RW: baby?

Shindong suggested that henry should sing the phrases they teach at Goodnight Pops from now on. Henry started playing the piano and singing “The phrase we learned today, make sure to study it. Such as, I love you~. Remember that.”

Shindong asked Henry to sing how he felt today. Henry sang “Today, I wasn’t that nervous. Shindong hyung came, and it was fun. He is better than Ryeowook hyung ㅋㅋ”. Ryeowook sang “Henry’s promotion today is good. Your voice, your melody is good. Thank you, I love you~~.”

RW: Taemin-ssi and Kyuhyun-ssi helped. Who is better?
Henry: they have their own style..
SD: who’s style is better?
Henry: Kyuhyun…
SD: Is better?
Henry: no no..
SD: Then one who fits more to the Song.
Henry: Taemin….
SD: Kyuhyun-ssi’s dancing is awkward.
RW: I saw Kyuhyun-ssi dance, and I thought he was very cool.
SD: We could see that he practiced

RW: what do you want to eat? I’ll bring em tomorrow.
Henry: Mochi

Ryeowook said he feels very proud to see Henry promote in Korea
SD: Please love Henry a lot.Seeing him today,I think he’s still tired. It can’t be cured by resting,but w/ love.Please support him.

Henry is going on SSTP next tuesday :D ? Ryeowook said he’ll go support him there too.
Henry: I don’t know if I have many fans in Korea…please support me.When I hear fans scream at recordings,I am able to perform better

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