130502 Ryewook Sukira дээр

(Cr: Sup3rjunior.com)

Ryeowook “On 8th, there will be a Front Yard concert~ and i don’t know if the announcement is out yet but it’ll be 2 MC (he meant 2 DJ)”

Sukira: Fan: have you ever grown your hair out?
Ryeowook: I think the longest it was…. was when I debuted. Sometimes, fans ask me to grow it out.. and my father also tells me “I think you looked best then.”… I guess I will try when I get a chance.

Ryeowook “Today, something outrageous happened. Some woman was putting gas in her car at one of those ‘self’ gas stations… and she was smoking. Everyone told her that it was dangerous doing that. She mumbled things, then threw the cigarette on the floor. It was really outrageous and dangerous…;;;”

Ryeowook “Kyuhyun-ssi is great in spontaneous memorization. He’s very good. When we went to SA, and there were spanish phrases to say, he would glance at it, then have it memorized. But if you ask him about it few days later, he would have forgotten completely.”

Ryeowook “We toured 4 countries in South America. We roamed around a bit in Chile but in other countries, we weren’t able to go out much. When we went, we felt… that we (members) have really become closer with each other…

Sukira: Fan “i heard kyuhyun-ssi’s IQ is same as his height.” Wook “180?” Guest “oh? Really?” Wook “I don’t know xD”

Ryeowook said he’s become a morning person. He spends his morning listening to music, practicing singing, watching movies, etc.



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